Outcome Linked Training

FrontEdge offers training and development programs for client teams.

1. Category & Product Training

These programs include understanding of category and competition, target consumers, product features and benefits, how the products are better than competition, brand’s market share and brand’s performance over the years.

We also create effective product specific sales story which the salesmen can easily use while selling in the outlet. Often, we use product videos during the delivery of such programs.



2. Selling & Objection Handling

This program intends to equip the participants with basic selling skills and objection handling techniques. While in the market, objection handling is critical to close the sale. We use role plays and case studies to take the participants closer to the challenges they actually face in the market.



3. Distributor Management

This program is aimed at Sales Officers and Area Sales Managers. The program is designed to cover all aspects of distributor management ranging from distributor selection, managing distributor performance, managing conflicts and distributor profitability.

We use case studies, role plays and videos for these programs.


4. Sales Promotion Design & Management

The program aims at discussing the fundamentals of designing sales promotion activities and managing them so as to get the best returns for the money spent.

We use role plays and case studies to take the participants closer to the challenges they actually face in the market in designing and managing below the line activities.




5. 7 QC Tools & Relevance to Sales

Traditionally, Quality Control tools are used in a manufacturing context. We make them relevant for the sales context by providing appropriate examples with which the target audience and relate to and understand their suitability and relevance to their work area.




6. Structured Problem Solving

The program is designed to equip participants with data analytic skills. This is a completely case study oriented program ideal for Area Sales Managers, Regional Sales Managers, Heads of Sales and Marketing Teams of organizations in varied sectors. The program has helped participants in overcoming their key challenges and hence demonstrate better performance.

Our Methodologies

1. Structured Discussion & Facilitation

Each and every sub module is delivered using brainstorming questions and practical application points as topics for group discussion.






2. Role Plays

Appropriate role play scenarios are designed to help the participants to demonstrate their learning. Role plays are mostly used for behavioral skill development.





3. Case Studies

Case studies are designed to make the participants practice new processes and tools. This helps the participants to use their knowledge through a simulated learning format.





4. Videos

We also create high quality training videos that represent the learning scenarios.

Video based training programs enhance participants engagement and learning.




5. Front Edge Learning App

Pre-Test & Post-Test Assessment – Our mobile app help in the assessment of participants prior to and post training, thereby measuring the effectiveness of training and its assimilation. The App generates random questions for the participants, record their inputs and generates comprehensive assessment reports for each participant.
Trainer Assessment – This app also allows the participants to provide quantitative feedback to the trainer.







6. Post Training On-the-Job Projects

Basis the client requirement, we design and administer post training projects which the participants execute on their job.

This helps in the assimilation of training inputs and the desired outcomes for the client.

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