Sales Process Management

FrontEdge has extended its services for managing the effectiveness of the sales force in the following areas:

1. Induction Process

We have designed induction programs for sales teams at frontline, supervisory and managerial levels. The programs include classroom training as well as on the job training. Our induction programs are successful in providing inductees with the right blend of theoretical knowledge and practical knowhow.

This helps them to develop a clear understanding of their role and execution parameters. Our detailed post training assessment evaluates the learner on each of the induction parameters.


2. Accelerated Industry Readiness Programs


This a more execution oriented intervention. Participants are taken through simulated learning environment to make them ready for the actual challenges they would face in their workplace.

The aim is to create industry ready minds who can convert challenges into opportunities.


3. Reward & Recognition Programs

We design and manage the Reward & Recognition programs for our clients and their extended team of Business Partners.

To efficiently run the reward and recognition program, we provide an app based solution to our clients.




 4. Assessment / Development Centres

We develop customized assessment content relevant for the organization and ensure that the methodology suits the target audience.

Our Development Centres help organizations in assessing the current level of competence of their employees basis which areas for training and coaching can be identified.

The Development Centres are also used by companies to identify the right candidate for promotion or higher responsibility.

5. Performance Management Program

This involves ongoing customised telephonic training of the sales force thru’ a combination of expert trainers integrated with a CRM solution. The Program is based on a Problem Identification – Diagnosis – Solution – Performance Improvement cycle.

An intelligent and automated system ensures correct problem / cause / solution identification. The Trainer then focuses on (a) training on the “how to” and (b) agree on short term improvement goals and support in their achievement with the support of the immediate supervisor.

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