Sales Productivity Improvement

Sales Productivity Improvement for INR 2000 cr. confectionary MNC with a national presence

An INR 2000 cr. confectionary MNC  with a national presence had split its range into two, each being sold by a separate set of Distributor Sales Representatives (DSRs). The company was facing the following challenges:

  • The productivity of these two sets of DSRs was very low resulting in the Company having to reimburse distributors for the shortfall in their Return on Investment.
  • Poor outlet coverage resulting in high wholesale contribution of upwards of 50%.
  • Low levels of selling and objection handling skills of the DSRs.
  • Inability of Co Sales Officers to add significant value to the DSRs.

Expansion in the number of outlets, higher revenues from key outlets, lower focus on marginal retail outlets. 40% increase in DSR productivity.

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