FrontEdge has successfully executed consulting projects in the following areas:

  • Go To Market (GTM)
  • Sales Productivity
  • Channel Management
  • Lead Generation

1. Go To Market(GTM)

The success of an organization depends on the distribution of its products in the market catering to the right set of customers. We help organizations to create the execution strategy for reaching the right set of customers with the appropriate products. After securing detailed understanding of the client’s products and distribution objectives, we design innovative and robust GTM strategy and create processes for seamless execution. We have designed and helped implement GTM strategies in both rural and urban contexts.

2. Sales Productivity

Productivity is the building block of sales. Each productive call takes the company closer to its goal.  We have designed customized interventions for sales teams and led them to higher productivity levels.

3. Channel Management

We help organizations in profiling outlets and clustering them to form channels. We recommend the right approach to our clients for targeting these channels and deploy processes for creating a sustainable business.

4. Lead Generation

We help organizations with inside sales approach to help them generate qualified leads and grow their business.

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