Design & Deployment of a “Sales Academy”

Client is in the edible oil business with a topline of Rs. 5000 cr and a 1000 strong national sales team. Client was keen on creating and institutionalizing a standard way of doing things, improvement in sales indicators along with a continuous learning culture. The challenge was to get superior results in a repeatable and sustainable manner. This in itself would be the client’s competitive edge in a largely commoditized, rate driven business.

In-market context understanding was followed by training needs analysis. A “Sales Academy” was co-created with 3 levels of competencies for each role. Training content and on-job integration projects were designed. Training of Trainers was designed and delivered to 50 Sales Managers of the client. This was followed by the 50 internal trainers training 950 members of the field force starting with the foundational modules, to be succeeded by the advanced and expert level modules. Certification on acquiring knowledge and demonstrating skills on the job is envisaged.

Delivery of the foundational set of programs to the frontline and supervisory levels is in progress.

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