Managing Sales Team Induction

A leading Rs. 13000 cr. food products company hires an average of 25 Area Sales Executives every month. Their sales induction process needed better execution and assurance that all learning objectives are being met. The goal was to ensure the inductees’ ability to assume their roles post induction and ensure their success on the job. The need was for a robust, efficient and measurable induction process.

The existing process was improved to assure learning during the induction. Testing for knowledge/ skills acquired was built into the process. The design incorporates daily evaluation and an online test at the end to decide on either on-job deployment or re-induction.  A Program Lead with a team of 6 trainers has been deployed over the last nearly five years to manage the induction process.

An effective and measurable induction process. Annual improvements to the content/ process. Steady increase in induction scores has been seen over the last four years.

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